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"...In those living with differences and disabilities, we witness what Nouwen described as the incarnation of the great paradoxes of the gospel: 'that the last will be first, that those who lose their lives will gain them, that the poor are blessed, and that the gentle will inherit the Kingdom.' The exquisite gifts they bring—lessons about patience and forgiveness; immersive presence in the moment; overcoming challenges to be in community; empathy, willing hands, smiles that resonate deeply in the heart—such gifts enrich the body of Christ, beckoning us closer to God’s kingdom. 'They embody honesty and sincerity,' Rev. Timoth Sylvia insists. 'They exist free from societal boxes and so they are able to model unencumbered living.'”

To read the full feature story, published in the March 2019 issue of US Catholic, click here.

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